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Ruth Rau is a part time architect and a mother to two lovely sons. Like many mothers she faced the challenge of clutter from cheap plastic toys that kept breaking as her boys played with them. Alarmed by a recall on some of her children’s toys and with little information to be had about the effects the chemicals might have on her children, Ruth became worried. She began a search for healthier organic alternatives for toys and found very little that met her high standards.

Handmade Happiness by Ruth was born when she began to not only sew playmats for her own children but began to design them, unhappy with the patterns that were out there. She felt like she could create better, using her skills as an architect and her knowledge as a mother to create something that was both durable and fun.

Eventually friends, neighbors, and complete strangers began to notice her children playing with these wonderful creative playmats. They expressed similar frustration to Ruth about not being able to find toys that are not needing to be replaced every week, that are not harmful, and keep children entertained. She began almost immediately to make and sell them to the families in her community and online.

Now Ruth wants to bring you and your child into her wonderful world of imaginative fun and whimsical play with her travel toys without the noise and sweet organic cotton stuffed animals. She wants to inspire parents to thoughtfully consider the toys with which their children play.  Create memories with your children with a gift that will arouse their curiosity, spark their imagination, and engage their creative problem solving skills.  The best toys in the world are fueled not by batteries, but by a child’s own imagination.  Give your children the best.

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