Teaching creativity is child’s play.Handmade Happiness

Our children are missing one fundamental necessity of childhood:  free time.

In a world filled with digital distractions, full schedules, and carpools from one activity to the next, our children are missing the breathing room to be…. children.

Their little brains are growing so fast, processing so many new inputs every day.  Imagine a computer that is constantly computing with 20 programs open all the time and never allowed to reboot: it becomes sluggish and  difficult to use.  Our children’s minds are similar.  They are bombarded every day with new information, new experiences, new things to learn and do.  This is awesome that they are exposed to so much rich sensory input.  But eventually they go into sensory overload and become  easily bored, easily angered, and easily  loose themselves.

Play is like a reset for their minds.  Purposeful play with no constraints, no learning objectives, no fine motor skills to master in order to play properly…. it’s a salve to a busy mind.

Have you listened to your child’s playtime?  Really sat and listened?  Play helps them make sense of the world around them, helps them process all of their activities and experiences, helps them find their place in the world, AND helps with early language development.  They repeat themselves, they practice new sounds, they remember new concepts. Without adequate open ended playtime, our kids have trouble forming lasting memories of their day, and it all runs together in a blur.  (the same might be true for us as adults)

Screen free play has been shown to encourage stronger neural connections.  Open ended play with simple toys fosters creativity and imagination.  Imagination helps them, later in life, make cross disciplinary connections in their studies and in their lives.  You cannot teach imagination from a book, but you CAN give them the tools and the toys to help them teach themselves.

Travel Toys for Toddlers

These toys are not just beautiful, they are made for rugged play.  I designed them to withstand the rigorous play of my own two rambunctious children.  Toys for boys and girls are often broken quickly, so I reinforce the stitching and source sturdy, washable materials.

Added bonus: every toy meets all Consumer Product Safety Commission Regulations and is hand crafted by a dedicated team of work at home mama’s right here in Winchester, Virginia.

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